We give you the affordable LeggingShoes aka Pantashoes

Ever since French fashion label Balenciaga showed its first PantaShoes on the runway, I became obsessed with them. PantaShoes - in case you don't know - are a hybrid of pants and shoes combined - or in our case it's leggings and shoes. They have a body conscious fit and are inspired by fetish catsuits.

I'm pretty sure there's other women searching for a pair of affordable quality PantaShoes right now. Just as I did for at least the past 6 months.

Disappointed with the trashy versions which are too sheer, made with low quality fabric that does not stretch back (no recovery), does not stretch enough or stretches too little depending on your shoe and body size (you can't choose your body size!) and really uncomfortable shoes. I was facing the seemingly only option of spending $2850 on a pair at Balenciaga PantaShoes. But before I did, I decided to try and make a pair myself. You may say: "That's a bit ambitious. What are your qualifications?" It's a fair question, but because I own a leggings fashion label and know the do's and don't's of working with spandex fabric, all I had to do was change the pattern to include the cover of a stiletto shoe. 

See what the results look like here and exclusively pre-order your LeggingShoes now for an early bird special price of $47 + S&H. Have we mentioned that you can choose your color from over 80 shades??!