Happy Easter Style

It's almost past midnight here in New York City on this here Easter Sunday evening. How was your day? We recently implied that we did not want to see you hunt eggs in your old rags ;-) but how did this go in the end? What outfit did you pick? 

Of course everyone has their own tradition all over the world on the Easter holiday and besides the overly exaggerated Easter hats seen in the churches across America on this particular day, not everyone wants to look like an Easter egg, so there are certainly more down to earth styles to come by, but I think we can all agree that most people make an effort about putting on something Easter-y. 

We've spotted grass green suits and a parade of pastels (since we all dyed our hardboiled eggs last night and were inspired by the colors) worn all together at times and lots and lots of pink. The tulips we picked today were yellow, the ultimate Spring flower color. They looked gorgeous!

Well, these were our clothing picks for today:




And as Easter phases out now, we'd like to say 'Good Night' and 'Happy Belated Easter' to all of you we haven't had a chance to wish it to.